Kvantum brings innovation at speed

Our Guiding Principles

  • Democratize the data-driven marketing
  • Commoditize the marketing mix
  • Actionability and not just reporting
  • Constant Innovation at rapid speed
  • Storytelling based on pure data points
  • Trusted Advisor to stand in front of clients with courage

Kvantum Lab

At Kvantum Lab, we explore the latest marketing science & technological research, experiments and measurement. We work on forward looking challenges that our progressive clients bring to the table. We create proof of concepts and deliver quick results while testing out new modeling, analytics, measurement approaches.  Check out what are we currently working on.


Most of our competitors entered into market by converting either “Online Display only” platform to multi-channel or its traditional marketing mix solution” into attribution solution. At Kvantum, we truly brought the econometric & machine learning together when nobody was thinking about the convergence. We built the marketing performance analytics platform ground up.

Our Approach

While working with the top CPG, Retail and commerce companies in the world, Kvantum rolled out its 3C marketing performance analysis framework across global organizations. We truly partner with our clients and help them answer key questions that they are looking to get answers on. Our on boarding process highlight our focus on building a transparent and effective partnership with our clients.

Our Solutions

By leveraging Kvantum Marketing Performance Analytics platform, Kvantum can help clients solve many challenges ranging from – voice of consumer driven analytics, marketing mix optimization, consumer & channel attribution,  in-flight campaign optimization, media planning, cross-channel attribution, Retailer attribution, investment in new emerging marketing technology, etc.