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Kvantum’s mission is to build computational intelligence to amplify human intelligence.

Kvantum is the marketing performance analytics company building technology that fundamentally changes the way brands measure the marketing impact on sales. Kvantum has combined the machine learning and econometric modeling into its proprietary Marketing Science Platform that can measure the short term and long term incremental effect of marketing with minimum possible data points.

Our Core Values

We are thrilled that you have decided to be a part of our team. Our core values serve as the foundation of the company and it is important that you understand them and see if they match with your preferences as to us Culture fit is absolutely important factor in anyone being successful at Kvantum.


Customer Delight

Keep the customer (internal as well as external) experience at the highest priority.



Understand the details, connect the dots and take no short cuts. Take pride in delivering high quality work.



Ability to take/provide constructive feedback. Ask for help in a timely manner and share knowledge with your peers and clients.



Be a life long learner and able to constantly evolve your skills in ever changing environment.



Challenging the status quo and constantly improve the process for greater good. Create new things and make your own work obsolete quickly.


Tools That We Love


Inside Kvantum

Open Door Policy

You are never too far from the Leadership. No question or concern is small for us; we are just a ping away (find us on Skype). We are always open to new ideas and suggestions.


We take your personal & professional growth seriously, therefore, we assign a career manager who could help you grow and achieve your potential. We take pride in grooming our people.

Celebrate Moments

We take out time to appreciate our people (Work Anniversary) and indulge ourselves with cake (Birthdays) and food (Snack Days). We do team outings when we are not too busy delighting our customers.


Relocation bonus, Performance based bonus, Referral bonus, Commuter benefits, Medical/Dental/Vision benefits (in US only), Retirement benefits, and many more to be added soon.

Open Positions

We’re always hiring talented individuals from around the world

Data Science

Gurgaon, India

Marketing Science

Gurgaon, India

Product Development

Gurgaon, India

Data Science

Gurgaon, India

  • One thing that keeps me going at Kvantum is honesty and transparency. Kvantum provides an environment for a healthy discussions to about work, people growth, and company goals.

    Ravinder Bhardwaj Product Development
  • We breathe in data; everyday we solve wide variety of new challenges - business, technology, marketing science or planning - which helps me broaden my horizons continuously.

    Sandeep Wadhwa Marketing Science
  • It’s like a Rapid fire round going every day and I do enjoy very bit of it as I want to quickly pass each round and move on to another one. Kvantum is truly a place for self starters who love to ride in fast pace lanes.

    Prachi Nagpal Marketing Science
  • Kvantum is team of higher performers where everyone is motivated to deliver the cutting edge solution to the clients and helping them make effective decisions. It’s a company with infinite potential for growth and opportunities.

    Rahul Bajpai Marketing Science
  • Kvantum is a workplace that strengthens one's potential to learn, explore new things and gives superb energy to deliver new thoughts, innovation and creativity to team and leadership.  

    Niva Thakur People Operations
  • It’s all about taking the responsibility and accepting the challenge that comes at you and then, coming out of the challenge successfully. And if you do that, sky is the limit.

    Ravikant Product Development
  • It is exciting to work with multiple Fortune 100 clients to provide insight into marketing budgets worth millions of dollars. It has made me a true data driven marketer.

    Nitya Ramanathan Marketing Science
  • Journey from Data Scientist to Director was so much exciting and it became possible only with the guidance from leadership. At every stepping stone, they helped and encouraged me to how to move forward. Same encouragement given me courage to start a new venture.   

    Tarun Gulyani Alumni Kvantum
  • I absolutely enjoy producing robust and actionable insights out of data for the most progressive brands globally; Kvantum provides the very platform for that.

    Tanuj Taneja Marketing Science
  • My journey at Kvantum in last 3 years has been enthralling. With the equal ratio of men/women and a female co-founder, Kvantum truly believes in equality and makes it one of the best places for women to work.

    Shruti Sharma Quality Assurance