Marketing Mix Modeling + Attribution

Look at Top-down and bottom-up analytics in cohesive manner to
answer strategic & tactical questions at a rapid speed.

“Kvantum’s marketing performance solution provides true cross-channel optimization. Our traditional media mix vendor have not been able to provide cross-channel impact at the level of details & at the speed as Kvantum delivers.”

Vice President

Global Marketing Research & Analytics

Marketing Mix Modeling

  • Measure the incremental sales impact of each of the marketing channels including distribution, trade promotions, in-store promotions, pricing, media and consumer promotions through the use of machine learning based econometric models.
  • Support budget planning as well as rapid iteration of campaigns through agile, always-on marketing mix models, which are being continuously refreshed at the pace of data.

Digital Marketing Mix

  • Deep dive in digital media channels including Online Display, Search Online Video, Programmatic Radio, Social Media, Digital PR, Digital Coupons and Digital FSI.
  • Establish the role of each of the Social Media channels available for media buying, including Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter and Snapchat.

Cross-Channel Attribution

  • Estimate the cross-channel and synergistic impact of offline channels like TV, Print and Radio on digital channels.
  • Incorporate the synergistic and cross channel impact of marketing and consumer promotions channels to better inform optimal media mix and targeting recommendations.

Convergence Analytics – MMM + Attribution

  • Combine multi-touch attribution with marketing mix models to develop a universal view of marketing impact.
  • Optimize marketing both for optimal conversions as well as for commercial metrics like ROI.

Marketing Performance through Convergence Analytics

Channel Centric View (Top-down)

  • Derive the attribution of influence to a specific tactic or channel for broad consumer segments & product categories.
  • Econometric model based learning and tracking of attribution.
  • Data used for attribution is channel level data, and SKU level sales data from offline & online channels

Consumer Centric View (Bottom-up)

  • Derive the attribution of influence to a specific tactic or channel for a specific consumer.
  • Bottom up aggregation of data and pattern mining based on consumer specific data using machine learning & AI.
  • Requires some percentage of consumer data to be available for cross channel and cross-device tracking

Channel Centric View (Top-down) Insights

  • Long term budgeting & planning activities associated with Advertising & Consumer Promotions activities.
  • Traditionally done via marketing mix on annual basis but now can be done on weekly basis or specific to campaigns.

Consumer Centric View (Bottom-up) Insights

  • Dynamic tracking of consumer level brand preference, purchase likelihood & user experience effectiveness.
  • Data to drive personalized promotions & ecommerce experiences in multi-channel environment while optimized for Revenue, ROI and CLTV.

“A brand needs to make short-term and long-term decisions to increase incremental sales, volume, or brand awareness. MMM & Attribution are just the techniques that tries to solve the challenges a brand is facing. Depending on the need, brand can leverage MMM and/or Attribution outcomes but in today’s world most of the brands get two different set of outcomes from MMM and Attribution vendors. We work with brands to help make decisions on a consistent set of numbers.”

CTO & Co-Founder

Harpreet Singh, Kvantum Inc.

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