Decision Support

You are planning for next year budget or next campaign, get the power of AI to plan various scenarios.

“In the new Digital Era, one is exposed to numerous emerging AdTech and MarTech platforms and to make the proper investment, one needs a measurement partner like Kvantum who could innovate at the speed of light and advise you in timely manner.”

Sr. Director

Integrated Media Planning

Marketing Mix Optimization

  • Make informed and timely decisions on the right mix of Advertising and Consumer Promotions to maximize the sales on your marketing investment.
  • Extend marketing mix analytics to answer hypothesis specific to campaigns in-flight and respond to in-market media performance dynamics.

Channel & Sub-Channel Level Optimization

  • Evolve beyond macro channel optimization at that level of TV, Online Display, Search & Social Media to specific media tactics at the level of ad placements, sponsored social media posts, creative level optimization.
  • Extend sub-channel optimization thinking to traditional channels like TV and Print, at the level of Day Parts, Creative themes, programming type, print publications, ad units, etc.

DMA & Store Level Optimization

  • Develop precise media and consumer promotion targeting tactics by establishing a scalable, cost-effective analytics at DMA and store level.
  • Balance media spending across various DMAs to match with strategic marketing priorities for defending market share, growth or new market entry.

Category Level Optimization

Ability to optimize multiple brands or business units within the same category to develop an overall advertising and consumer promotions portfolio which maximizes sales and ROIs for the overall portfolio.

Investment in Emerging Marketing Platforms

  • Test, learn and adapt to emerging media platforms, ad partners and new markets while the campaign is in-flight through a rapid measurement, iteration and feedback cycle.
  • Measure the ROI of platforms like Linquia, Zephyr, Ibotta, Checkout 51, Cartwheel, WMX, Amazon Media Group, etc. and avoid relying on imperfect, generalized benchmarks.
  • Estimate the cross-channel and synergistic effects of these platforms, and evaluate the media & consumer promotions roles each of these channels play in driving sales.

Retailer Media & Merchandising Optimization

  • Evaluate the role of retailer specific in-store and ecommerce advertising channels on ecommerce and retail sales.
  • Develop a complete ROI picture of the retail/ecommerce channels which includes the combined incremental outcomes of merchandising, in-store promotions, pricing strategy, offline and ecommerce impact of media.
  • Evaluate the impact of Amazon, Walmart, Target, Walgreens media and in-store promotions channels on brand sales.

Optimization of Media & Commercial Metrics

  • Develop ROI driven real-time actionability by combining optimization of commercial metrics like incremental sales & ROI with media metrics include CTR, CPC, and Conversion Efficiency.
  • Develop the best media plan at a placement level to maximize On Target Ratings at the lowest possible CPMs and cost.
  • Estimate the most optimal media metric to optimize to drive the best possible ROI and incremental sales.

Stakeholders We Support Across Functions

We engage with many stakeholders across various functions such as consumer insights, market research & analytics, ecommerce, integrated media planning, finance, marketing analytics, brand management, channel & distribution management, media buying agencies, and creative agencies.

Decision Support– Section 2C

Business Drivers

  • How did changes in product packaging help in improving media performance?
  • How do business factors such as freshness, wages, tax returns, dollars/peso exchange rate, penetration, in-store inventory and sales per store impact sales driven baseline, in-store events and marketing channels?
  • How do store factors like store size impact the overall sales driven by marketing?
  • Is a coupon for a single product of a brand drives higher ROI than the coupon for multiple products of a brand?
  • How do demographic factors such as age, gender, income and ethnicity impact the sales driven by in-store events and marketing channels?

Media Planning

  • What is the potential impact on sales if $1Mn investment in Paid Search is shifted to fund print activity?
  • How much volume does the brand losses by not having any investment in social media for Q1?
  • Which face value ($1 or $0.5) for FSI will help in generating better ROI for a channel?
  • At current budget levels, how can the sales increase by just optimizing TV spend across multiple DMAs?
  • For an additional $500k-$1M in TV budget, how can brand maximise ROI across all TV markets?
  • Recommend an optimal creative mix (out of 24 creatives) on weekly basis for each of the campaign (Spring, Easter, Mother’s Day, BTS, Fall, Post christmas) during the year

Consumer Specific

  • Does retail events targetted to African American community via Radio drive more sales?
  • How well does online coupon and mobile coupon perform for Hispanic market?
  • For Asian community, does influencer led content helps in driving higher ROI for luxury products compared to non-luxury products?
  • How current & future sales would be impacted across top retailers due to the negative sentiment? Should the channel sales team adjust the sales forecast?

Market Research

  • Does competitor target Amazon buyers more effectively – with offers, with product information, and with ratings & reviews in comparison to client’s brand?
  • Does shopper “social” sentiment suggest that competitor is the highest quality and lowest price product?
  • Is competitor’s promotions are at a higher value and more consistent (throughout the year) compared to client’s brand?
  • What shopper marketing tactic drives the most Amazon sales lift for competitor?
  • When purchasing online, do moms buy the brand they hear the most about / are most familiar with?

Retailer Specific

  • Does retailer specific coupons show any significant effectiveness towards the brand?
  • For a brand, are the Amazon promotions more effective than Walmart promotions?
  • How do retailer specific coupons perform when accompanied with CTAs like “Get Coupon”, “Buy Now”, etc.?
  • How much did the Walmart private label brand entry impact sales volume of client’s brand in Walmart?
  • What’s the impact of Amazon’s “Subscribe and Save” functionality on sales?