Voice of Consumer

Do not just listen to the voice of consumer, rather integrate it in real-time in your models to understand the impact on Sales.

“Thank you for providing a solid story for the brand on the shortterm & long-term sales impact (within a week from the crisis) and what it will take to rebound. This is what agile analytics looks like!”

Senior Analytics Leader

Global Marketing Research & Analytics

Identify Voice of Consumer

Collect necessary intelligence to know what motivates a consumer to buy your brand compared to competitors or vice versa. Create campaigns that connect emotionally with your target customers and get them to take action.

Align Voice of Consumer & Voice of Brand

  • Increase convergence between brand voice and voice of consumer to improve brand favorability and improve the incremental sales impact of media and consumer promotions spend.
  • Track Voice of Consumer KPIs to develop a quantitative framework for conducting rapid brand and consumer research needed to manage high ROI marketing campaigns.

Quantify Crisis & Manage Impact

Sometimes conversations spiral out of control and impact short-term & long-term brand value & sales. In the event of a crisis, it is important to prepare your leadership/market by quantifying the impact on sales/volume and create strategy to win consumers over again.

Always-On Optimization of Social Hubs

Voice of consumers continuously change with cultural context with respect to brand category. Social Hubs which evolve with changing voice of consumers are critical in maintaining brand favorability and commercial performance.

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